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Office Bombshell…


I created this look to demonstrate how you can wear something which you will be able to take from day to night, from the office¬†to the bar and so on… ūüėČ

So if you’d like to see how I did this read on ladies, or gents ūüėČ

~STEP 1~

You know what they say… Not to prime is a crime, and for those like me, with deep-set hooded eyes, you betcha its a crime. If I don’t –¬†not only do I end up with a crease line, but the shadow smudges and I end up looking like I’ve been rubbing my eyes all day. So, taking my trusty Shadow Insurance by Too Faced Cosmetics, I apply that all over my lid and up to my brown bone blending it in. Then, applying in the same motion and area with a thin layer of Soft Ochre Paint Pot by MAC Cosmetics. Setting it with Blanc Type¬†shadow also by MAC Cosmetics. Taking my E35 Tapered Blending Brush by Sigma and the a light brown shade (No. 6 see blelow)¬†from my Morphe Brushes 35W Palette shade and blend that into and above my crease ‚Äď this will be my transition colour.

~STEP 2~

Taking a slightly darker shade of brown (No. 10) from the same Morphe Brushes 35W Palette, and my MAC Cosmetics 217 Blending Brush, I blend it directly into my crease and into my transition shade. I apply more and take it into my inner corner and extend it out into my outer V. This is called the Halo effect.

~STEP 3~

For a little something different and I add a bit of sparkle in the middle I add Urban Decay’s Moondust Eyeshadow in the shade Space Cowboy (excuse my french but I effing adore this shadow). This is actually best applied with your finger. So taking my ring finger I generously apply this to the center of my lid.

~STEP 4~

Now you could leave it here and go straight to Step 5… But I always like to make things a little more dramatic. So I take a darker, warmer shade of brown (No. 13) from the same Morphe Brushes 35W Palette. I apply this using my E45 Small Tapered Blending Brush by Sigma over where I placed the No. 10 shadow. Repeat this step till you get it as dark as you feel comfortable with.


~STEP 5~

Again depending on your preference you could simply apply some mascara and go on with your foundation. However I like to apply some liquid liner into a cat eye flick. Then apply just a simple coat of mascara because I am going to add some false lashes.

~STEP 6~

After applying some false lashes Рyou can use whatever ones you like Рthe ones I am wearing are by Eldora in the style B123 however these are no longer in stock, again, ever :( alternatively you could try the H107. So, once these bad boys are glued into place I go ahead and clear up any fall out from underneath my eyes and apply my foundation Рif you want to see my foundation routine Рclick here.


Again this is optional – I add a mixture of the two purple shades from the same¬†Morphe Brushes 35W Palette¬†(No.’s 27 & 28) with my E21 Small Smudge Brush by Sigma and apply that under my eye and blend it out till its nice and smokey. Finish it off with a couple of coats of mascara.

Now, in my opinion, I think this is the perfect look to take you from day to night… But then that’s just me – let me know what you think of if you try this tag me on Instagram¬†– would love to see what you come up with :)

Till next time xoxo

Smoke and Glitter


Today’s tutorial is on a look I came up with that can go from day to night, and has a slight smoked out effect. I feel this will¬†fast become one of my go to day to night smokey looks. It definitely makes blue and green eyes pop! So if you’d like to see how I completed this look READ ON!


Todays look I’ve used all shadows by Makeup Geek¬†and a pressed pigment by MAC Cosmetics called Day Gleam.



~ STEP 1 ~

As always, I start off by priming my eyes with my trusty Shadow Insurance by Too Faced. Then taking the colour Beaches & Cream I using my big fluffy blending brush (E35) I blend that into my crease and all over my lid and all the way up to my brow bone. Taking more of that same colour I concentrate it into the crease and keep blending till I am happy with the colour.


~ STEP 2 ~

Taking the colour Nearly Naked I use a slightly less fluffy blending brush (E25) for more precise shadow placement, and blend that out into my crease and just above. I go in a few times to darken and smoke out the colour more.


~ STEP 3 ~

As I want to¬†really help make my eyes pop, I take the colour Cocoa Bear to deepen the¬†crease¬†further. Using¬†the same brush¬†I used before, I blend the colour out into my crease and onto my inner corner and outer V. With this step, you want to make sure you keep the centre of the lid free of colour – for now…


~ STEP 4 ~

Taking a more precise blending brush (E45) I blend the all the colours together so there are no harsh lines or edges.  this helps to also keep the centre of the lid shadow free.


~ STEP 5 ~

Taking the pressed pigment Day Gleam by MAC Cosmetics, I take my ring finger and lightly swirl it around picking up the colour with my finger and pressing it into the Centre of my lid.


~ STEP 6 ~

Then taking a small crease blending brush (E47) I take the colour Mocha and darken up just the outer V and bring that into just my crease and blend it out. This will help to smoke out the look whilst adding some depth to it as well.


~ STEP 7 ~

I go over the crease again with my big fluffy blending brush and go over the crease and ensure there are no harsh lines. As I want this look to be really smokey I decide not to use a liquid liner but rather an eye pencil (Long-Wear Eye Pencil in Mahogany by Bobbi Brown) and smudge it out using The Liner brush by Hair and Makeup Addiction.  I also decide to take more of Day Gleam and place it into the centre of my lid and right into my inner corner.


~ STEP 8 ~

I curl my lashes with MAC Cosmetics Full Lash Curler and then apply a couple of coats of Smokey Eye Mascara by Bobbi brown (am really loving this at the moment) and finish off my under eye by taking the same eye pencil I used earlier and smudging it with the same liner brush under my whole waterline and then lining my waterline with it. Going over the top of the liner with the colour Cocoa Bear and coating my lower lashes with the same Smokey Eye Mascara.



So here you have the finished look. You chould choose to add false lashes if you wish but I just chose to go au natural-ish and just stick with mascara.




Hope you like this one – let me know what you think or if you try it for yourself…

Till next time XOXO

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